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July 19, 2016
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August 24, 2016

Accent Wall Choices

We have seen a growing trend in Brooklyn house painting: The accent wall. This trend certainly mirrors homes seen across the country, and can help to amplify a space. Adding an accent wall to your home has great upside potential, and can allow for the usage of colors that would otherwise be far too overpowering. However, we have seen plenty of homes in which accent walls were done wrong. Here are some things to avoid if you’re hoping to add an accent wall to your home:

Drowning in color – Perhaps the most common accent wall mistake we see is the usage of far too much color. If you are adding a lime green accent wall, be sure that you are balancing that color out with otherwise neutral or muted colors throughout the room, especially on the other walls. Overdoing color is entirely possible, and navigating that balance is what makes great accent walls effective.

Misunderstanding “accent” – It isn’t called a main wall for a reason. This may seem obvious, but all too often we see a wall that was already functioning as a focal point in the room painted a gaudy color. If your wall is already drawing attention as a neutral color, odds are a different wall should accent it, not vice-versa.


Dated colors or techniques – Sponge painting is over with. It may be fun to do, and certainly can work in a kid’s room, but please do not sponge paint an accent wall in your living room! This and other dated techniques age the space unnecessarily. Right now, crisp, clean lines are in style, and your accent wall should mirror that. Ensure that your color is a suitable color for the space as well as current tastes for an optimal appearance.

Accent island – No, this is not bashing an accent kitchen island. The accent island is painting an accent wall a bold color, and then failing to tie that color into the room’s design. We aren’t saying that everything in the room should match your accent wall, but choosing a throw pillow, vase, or even tasteful rug that match the wall make your choices feel intentionally designed.

Poor work – This is probably the most tragic. If your accent wall is supposed to be a focal point, please do everything you can to ensure that the wall will look great, which most likely means having a professional house painter take care of it.

To get it done right the first time, give our qualified painters a call for all of your Brooklyn house painting needs today!

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