House Painting Manhattan: Accenting Your Walls
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December 14, 2016
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December 28, 2016

Accenting Great House Painting

dreamstime_16503706Manhattan property values are notoriously high, which is both a good and bad thing for its residents. Paying one of the highest amounts per square foot for ownership in the entire country carries with it a few drawbacks but, perhaps, even more benefits. Depending on how you stage and decorate your home, you could enjoy a multiplied value that homeowners across the country could only dream of; today, we’ll take a look at how to achieve this by accenting expertly painted walls.

Building Outward From Interior Walls

The Affordable Interior Wow Factor

You’ve undoubtedly been in a Manhattan condo that looked so perfectly decorated that it seemed equally unlived in and perfectly descriptive of the tastes and styles of its owner. These rare gems of homes are impressive to not only guests, but also future buyers and appraisers. Basically, increasing property value through interior decorating is much more possible than one may initially believe, especially here in Manhattan. Something as simple as house painting can have a dramatic effect on the value of your home, even if the cost for said painting and decorating is comparable to what it would be elsewhere in the country.

Planning Rooms & Homes

Once you accept that your home’s paint has an impact on its value, all that is left is to map out how to improve your space through color, style, and accessories. For design and style choices, we advise creating a vision for what you think represents you and your family, the type of atmosphere you wish to give off, and how it will add value to the home. After all, the most relatable improvements will be those that feel like they represent reality, not those that were chosen to imitate what you see on TV or is currently on-trend.

Once you come up with inspiration, the next steps are to begin planning out house painting colors and textures that will work with the type and style of decorations that they will accompany. This is highly important, as a paint that highlights the room as a whole will always look better than one simply chosen for its popularity, not to mention trendy things inevitably get left by the wayside when the trend changes. It is better to go, at least somewhat, against the trend to pick something that simply works with your vision.

Now, it is also important to note that the home itself should be mapped out and considered all at once. Even if you don’t have the resources or time to entirely decorate or redecorate the home, simply having an idea of how one room will flow into the next can prevent you from handcuffing yourself to a specific color or scheme by piecemealing the job. For instance, a bold umber color can be excellent in your living room, but would quickly clash with a cool blue kitchen, diminishing both spaces. Thus, it is important that any room that is reimagined is compared and contrasted to the flow of rooms as they currently are, or at least as they one day will be.

Expert House Painting

Simply put, your Manhattan home is too valuable to sport lackluster or DIY house painting, and should instead be treated as a work of art in itself and modified only by expert painters. If you have a clear vision in mind for how to add value to your home through interior design, be sure to call Steven’s Perfect Paint for the best possible house painting in Manhattan.

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