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Advice For Aspiring Home Painters

dreamstime_xxl_5047418Recently, we were asked for advice for starting a home painting business from a college student looking for a way to pay their way through school. Whether young entrepreneurs like this one stick with their painting business beyond school or use the acquired skills and cashflow to fund a different dream altogether, we feel it is well within our power to help them on their way with a bit of business advice.

Our Aspiring Painter Business Advice

Make a plan

It can’t be stressed enough that, even more than experience and tools, having a plan for your business is the most important thing. Whether you intend to stay in the painting business long-term or use your small business as a stepping stone, you simply must create and execute an effective business plan. Things to consider in your business plan include the following:

  • Service area
  • Availability
  • Target market
  • Pricing
  • Business name
  • Marketing efforts
  • USP (unique selling proposition)

Essentially, you want to layout what your business is supposed to achieve, where, to whom, and, perhaps most importantly, what makes you different from the competition. For businesses young and old, having a firm grasp on their unique selling proposition is vital to success. Your USP needs to differentiate you from larger, more established painting companies by offering something that they do not, such as lower price or faster turnaround times. If you don’t work out your business plan and decide how you want to market your business first, then you will almost certainly struggle as a painter.

Get credibility and experience

Becoming a painter is easy, but mastering painting is not. Anyone with a brush can paint a wall, but people will hire you to paint their home for them because of your credibility and experience. If you do not have these things, then you need to come up with a way to gain them as soon as possible; this can mean spending some time working as a home painter at an established company, working on projects for family and friends, offering highly competitive rates, or anything else you can dream up to build up your knowledge, skills, and portfolio of completed work.

Do the footwork

Once you feel confident that your business is ready to go, all that is left is the nuts and bolts, also known as the administrative work. Register your new business with the local, state, and federal government as needed in your area for the purposes of licensing and taxes. We advise you know and understand this process well before you actually plan to begin work to allow for any delays between application submission and approval; this means doing some research at local offices to determine what is needed to open your new business and/or asking an already established local painting company. From there, all that is left is gathering equipment and building a clientele, both of which cost far less time and money than with other small businesses and can even be done from out of your home. After you put in the administrative time, all that will be left is doing a great job and using your former clients to build a bustling business that can achieve your goals.

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