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November 21, 2016
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“Can I Paint Over Wallpaper?”


These days, it has become more likely to hear “wallpaper” in reference to a phone or computer background than an actual in-home application, but that doesn’t mean that wallpaper is gone from every home in the country. Many older homes feature one or more layers of wallpaper spread throughout the home, and the thought of removing it gives homeowners a shuddering fear.

Always Remove Wallpaper

The Idea of Painting Over Wallpaper

When asked if we can paint over wallpaper: Of course, we could, but that doesn’t make it a wise idea. To make it absolutely clear, if you paint over wallpaper, that wallpaper will be almost impossible to take off. Whether it’s you or someone else doing that work in the future, it will not be a fun time. Additionally, if that isn’t motivating enough, the uneven surface below your new paint will lead to a very lackluster paint job; it certainly would not and will not be up to the Steven’s Perfect Paint standards. We want your Brooklyn home to look its absolute best after a fresh house painting, and that means putting in the work to remove your old wallpaper.

Identify the Type of Wallpaper

If you’re looking at a doomed strip of wallpaper, wondering how much time and effort you will have to dedicate to removing it, you’ll have to first identify if the wallpaper used was strippable or not. Strippable wallpaper is a relatively recent invention, so old wallpaper will likely be a let down, as the word “strippable” is basically just code for “much easier to take off.” If you’ve heard of horror stories in removing wallpaper, that was likely non-strippable.

Taking Off Paper

You’ll want to use drop cloths taped or secured to the wall to ensure that the falling paper doesn’t end up all over your floor and stuck behind your trim. Once secured, all that’s left is to get to work. Using a scraper, you’ll want to scrape off and remove the wallpaper in tearable strips, remaining careful to never take off drywall paint below. If you’re having a particularly difficult time, there are wallpaper removing solutions that allow for wet removal, which can be easier. Always research the best products and ensure that they match your need, then be certain to follow all manufacturer instructions for safe removal. Even in non-wet removal, it is typically advised you lightly dampen the walls with a sponge just ahead of where you intend to remove it, being careful not to oversaturate it.

Call Steven’s Perfect Paint

Once you’re ready, give Steven’s Perfect Paint in Brooklyn a call for your house painting. Our professional painters have the skills and experience necessary to leave your house looking far better than that dated wallpaper. Revitalize your home with a fresh coat of paint from our experienced house painters.

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