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dreamstime_xxl_11740176Choosing a paint color for perfectly flat walls couldn’t be easier; not only do entirely flat walls allow for nearly any color or type of paint to look and feel great, but they are also the easiest to re-prime and paint if the color isn’t up to standard. Unfortunately, most walls aren’t finished at perfectly smooth. In our previous blog, we talked extensively about the levels of drywall finishing, and how they greatly impact the final look of your walls; today, we’ll go over selecting paint for heavily textured level 3 or 4 finishes.

Professional Textured Wall House Painting Advice

Smooth vs Textured

We all know what a smooth wall is, right? Well, no, not really. Many walls appear to be smooth, but actually have a very light texture to them. In fact, smooth walls are far less common than textured walls, but not all of those are heavily textured walls. First, it is important to note that textured walls can range from bumpy popcorn texture to barely visible orange peel. The difference that the level of texture has can have a dramatic impact on your finished wall and your satisfaction with your house painting.

Dark Colors

If you’re hoping to pick a dark color on a heavily textured wall, we advise you tread very carefully. Any color that lives in the middle of the darkness spectrum will heavily highlight the slight shadowing created by the textures in the wall, making your paint look splotchy and uneven at best or, worse, ridiculously over textured. One way to circumvent this (somewhat) is to opt for a slightly shiny finish on your darker textured walls; by choosing an “eggshell” or higher level of shine, you allow the light that would have formed shadows to reflect off and allow the color to show. It is important to note, however, that mid-range dark colors still show far less well on a heavily textured wall; the more noticeable the texture, the more we will urge you to choose a whiter, brighter color or a color dark enough to mask shadow altogether.

Approach White

If you’re suddenly leaning toward your lighter, brighter color option, then be warned that this can be done incorrectly as well. When dealing with heavily textured walls, even a small difference in color brightness and intensity can have a profound difference on the end result. When considering a lighter color, we advise you keep heavily textured walls close to white. This doesn’t mean they have to be white, they can instead be a faintly green, blue, purple, grey, or any other color paint that is heavily mixed with white. Think of a faintly neutral version of the color you have in mind, and you’ll find that your textured walls show far less texture and much more vibrant than a more true-to-color option may have. The level of sheen is also important when working with brighter colors, as too much shine can give the walls a distractingly plastic look.

Get Expert House Painting

Painting textured walls is more of a hassle. From the color selection phase through the execution, every aspect of painting a textured wall in your home is more of a challenge than it would be with a smooth surface. However, this does not mean that your walls are doomed to looking poor forever; with the help of Steven’s Perfect Paint, your Brooklyn or Manhattan home can look amazing, regardless of wall texture.
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