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dreamstime_xxl_50168338You read it right, we are a painting company recommending when it may be worth considering DIY house painting. Of course, in most instances, we recommend hiring our professional Brooklyn and Manhattan house painting professionals, as the return on your investment is so immediately evident. There are instances when doing it yourself can pay off; today we’ll cover when to DIY and when you may want to instead give us a call.

Deciding Between Professional House Painters or DIY When…

You Want to Save Money

Ah! The classic example of when to DIY: Saving money. If you do it yourself, you aren’t directly paying any labor costs for your house painting, so you’re of course saving money, right? Not exactly. Not only do you not have the experience of professional painters, but you also likely lack the necessary tools; this almost certainly means numerous trips the hardware store to buy equipment and paint you’ll (hopefully) only need once, which gets pricey fast. That’s assuming things go as planned and, when it comes to DIY, it rarely does the first time. In fact, for those living in Manhattan or Brooklyn, paying experienced house painters can actually make you money. By bringing in house painting experts, you get the benefit of experienced advice and execution, which means amazing house paint that adds value to your home. Since Brooklyn and Manhattan boast some of the highest property values in the country already, the potential increase in value to your home very commonly outpaces whatever you may shell out for a professional paint job.

You Want to Avoid Inconvenience

Nobody likes having workers coming through their home. It’s never fun to live through a renovation or anxiously await a repair technician to show up sometime between 2 and 4 (which they never seem to do). When it comes to house painting, however, you’ll enjoy far less inconvenience by hiring professional house painters. On average, we get painting jobs done 5 to 10 times faster than homeowners could have done it themselves. Typically, we get most house painting jobs set up, wrapped up, and cleaned up before even home from work on the first day. If you decide to do it yourself, you’ll probably spend more time shopping for paint and applying tape than it will take us to complete the entire job. Not to mention, the time it costs you to have us do the work is nothing, whereas your time cost is far higher. Think of what your hourly rate at work is and ask yourself if spending infinitely more hours on a painting project that could just be done right away is worth it; we’re gonna guess it’s not.

You Want to Make Memories

Okay, you’ve got us beat. The one time we do recommend you take on a house painting project on your own is when you’re looking to make memories and build the future room yourself. The classic example we point to here is newly expecting parents preparing a nursery for their newborn. In this instance, you’ll likely be repainting the room in the coming years anyway, and it’s a good way to “build the nest” for your coming child, which is something that even the most experienced house painters couldn’t possibly hope to compete with. Of course, you could let us do the hard stuff and save the freehand giraffe painting or painstakingly written names for yourself. In either case, building memories through home painting is always a worthy cause for DIY.

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