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What to consider when painting your house before the holidays
What to consider when painting your house before the holidays
December 30, 2015
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March 15, 2016

Different House Paints Available For Painting Your Home


What Are The Different House Paints Available For Painting Your Home?

Paint, as we all know, is an effective solution for the decoration and protection of walls and surfaces. With the variety of house paints available, it can be difficult to select the one that will be suitable to your needs, likes and preferences.
Before applying the finish or main coat of paint of your color choice, you will first need to apply a primer which is basically a base coat that protects the materials beneath and prepares the surface for the additional coats of paint.

There are two main types of paints you can choose for your house which are:

Water-Based Paints
Water-based paints, also called acrylic or latex paints, dry quickly and produce minimal scent as they contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They can easily be cleaned and washed with water and some mild detergent, but are not as shiny or durable as oil paints. Water-based paints provide excellent finishing and maintain color stability over time; this is why they are attractive for longer time periods. When using these paints, it’s best to use a water-based primer as a base coat.

Oil-Based Paints
Oil-based paints, also known as alkyd paints, take longer to dry but have a harder and glossier finish and better durability in comparison with water-based paints. These paints have an oil or alkyd base which is a synthetic oil base. Paint thinners are generally required for cleaning up these paints and oil-based primers should be used before applying the paint coats that are oil-based. These paints contain significant volumes of VOCs which is why they have a more powerful smell of chemicals.

Important Pointers
 Water-based paints are a popular choice for walls while oil-based paints are popular for furniture, doors, floors and glossy woodwork.
 If your house is painted with oil paint and you want to shift to water-based paints, you will first have to wash and then roughen the surface with grit sandpaper that is medium to smooth because if you don’t the water-based paint may not stick. The sandpaper is helpful in making the surface dull, dry and clean to prevent the paint coat from peeling.
 There are also some specialty paints that contain additives with properties such as anti-mildew, fire retardants and anti-mold.

Paint Sheen
This relates to the level of gloss and the amount of light reflection caused by the paint’s finish. They type of sheen that can be used are as follows:
Matte/Flat Paints
These provide the least reflective sheen, but are effective in hiding ceiling and wall imperfections and contain a velvety texture.
Satin/Eggshell Paints
These are more stain resistant and more durable than flat paints and give off a soft luster and a certain amount of reflectivity.
Semi Gloss Paints
These are in comparison with satin paints, more stain resistant, more durable and provide ease of cleaning. They are mostly used on surfaces that require frequent cleaning such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Gloss Paints
They have the same properties as semi-gloss paints, but imperfections tend to become more noticeable. In addition to bathrooms and kitchens, they are also used on cabinets, furniture, handrails, stairs and doors.
In light of the above classifications, you can choose to apply the paint you think is most suitable for your home on the basis of the properties, the amount of sheen and the finishing effect they provide.

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