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March 15, 2016
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House Paint Can Make You Happy!


House Paint Can Make You Happy!

Colors are known to influence different emotions in us and paint colors are no different. A splash of color around your home can certainly make you happy and influence emotions that are generally associated with different shades. When painting a home, you should keep trends aside and choose colors that instill feelings of joy, happiness, and serenity within you so that you can truly feel at home in your little haven of comfort.
Mentioned below are a few choices of paint colors and how they can make an impact on your mood:

Yellow, the shade of the sun, emanates joy and happiness which restores life within anyone who is feeling down. Yellow, in softer tones, is the perfect color for playrooms, kitchens, and living rooms where family gathering and guests are mostly seated. If you choose bright yellow, its best as an accent color as too much of it can be too bright for your liking and can be a bit harsh on the eyes too. It is generally associated with optimism, and brightens and uplifts your mood just like the rays of the sun.

Blue paint shades, especially in lighter tones, are calming, soothing, and serene. It is the color of the sea and sky and is a welcoming tone in our busy and stressful lives. Blue shades are relaxing and is known to produce calming chemicals in the body and lower blood pressure, making us feel utterly peaceful. Lighter blue tones and tranquility go hand in hand and bedrooms and bathrooms painted in blue are ideal for bringing on a relaxation effect on you.

Green is the color of nature and is naturally soothing and serene. It is refreshing to the eyes and its relaxing qualities make this color suitable to any and every room. Invite nature into your home by painting the walls green and revel in the feeling of freshness and serenity.

You may think it’s a shade too bland to apply to an entire room, but white is a color that reflects light and is perfect for summer time. It makes a room appear more airy and spacious and represents cleanliness. After a hot summer day, entering a white painted room can make you feel peaceful and cool as opposed to the heat of the outdoors. You can always add color to a white room with artwork, furniture, and drapes.

The orange color is associated with stimulation, energy, balance, and empowerment. It’s a great mood lifter and hence, should be avoided in bedrooms where peace and calm is what is most required. If you wish to feel enthusiastic and excited upon entering a room, then orange is the color you should opt for, especially in your kitchen or home gym.

Red, in softer hues, is great areas where family gatherings and house parties are held but not so great for the bedroom. It represents stimulation, energy, and excitement and is best used as an accent. Darker tones can stimulate arguments and it is best to use red in softer and lighter shades.

The next time you decide on painting your home, be sure to choose the color that will bring about the emotions and mood you want yourself to be in most of the time and witness how your mood enhances with splashes of the right colors. So what is the house paint color you will choose next?

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