How Bedroom Paint Affects your Children
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November 5, 2015
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November 30, 2015

How Bedroom Paint Affects your Children


Did you know that the color of the wall paint in your kids’ room can affect their personality, behavior and health since it becomes the ‘background’ for anything they do in their room?

It makes sense if you think of it in this way: Different colors have different energy levels and they reflect light differently. The type of lighting in your room thus, has a significant impact on the overall energy you feel while being in it and therefore, this can affect your child in many ways.

So, when you are choosing a color for your child’s bedroom, you need to keep in mind the temperament of your child. Choose colors that increase their productivity and make them happy. To do this, you should know the impact that different colors of paint can have on your kids:

PaintingPainting the Room with Warm Colors

Most warm colors fill a room with energy and make it look brighter. But before you paint the entire room with a warm color, you should consider the temperament of your children, the climate of the area, the size and the lighting in the room.

Yellows and oranges work well in children’s rooms as they are happy and cheerful colors. They also contribute to creativity and productivity in children and make your child energetic. But it’s best to use these colors sparingly, or pick lighter shades of yellow and orange as too much can make your kids anxious and irritable.


Little girls adore bright pinks and pinks give a wonderful, feminine touch to a little girl’s bedroom but too much pink can make children moody and can even affect their performance at school, so while your daughter should get her room painted with a color that makes her smile, you should avoid choosing bright pink colors.

Red is another warm color you need to use sparingly. Red is bold and powerful. It brings in more energy than all other warm colors that we’ve mentioned in this post. If you feel your child is lethargic and want him/her to be more active, then you should paint a part of their room with red paint.

Choosing Cool Colors for Your Kids

  • Blue: Light blues look good in bedrooms as they provide a cool, peaceful atmosphere. They are great if your child has trouble sleeping as they create a relaxing and peaceful environment that children need for a good night’s sleep.
  • Green: If your kids have a tendency to throw tantrums, be angry or aggressive, then painting their walls with a light green color may help calm them down. Green provides a peaceful and cooling atmosphere that calms the mind and helps kids relax.
  • Purple: Purple is another gender neutral color that works well for rooms. You can choose a light shade of lavender for the entire room. Purple paint brings fun and joy into a kid’s bedroom, but choosing a very dark shade of purple will make your room look too stuffy and dark.

Staying Neutral

If you can’t decide what color you want for the walls of your kid’s room or are afraid to pick colors that don’t work well with your children, then your best option is to pick neutral colors like white, brown and beige. It is almost impossible to go wrong with these. Neutral colors look great and make the room look bright and spacious. What’s more, paint designs also look amazing on neutral walls so it’s a win-win situation.

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