How to paint your Front door
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November 30, 2015
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Tips for Painting Your House before Selling It
December 30, 2015

How to paint your Front door

Front door

Painting (or re painting) the door is one of the most common DIY paint projects. It is common for the paint on the door to become scraped or to wear off and so, it is important that the door be maintained properly, especially if it’s the front door of your house. After all, it is the entrance to your house and therefore, gives the first impression of the interior of the home.

Here are a few tips you can use when painting a door:

1) Choose the color of the paint carefully

Your front door plays a major role in how your door looks. You need to carefully consider the color you intend to paint your front door because choosing the wrong color for it, will spoil the entire look of your house.

You also need to see if the color you are choosing for your door goes will with the color of the exterior of your house. In most cases, the colors of the door and that of the window panes are the same because it gives a nice outline to the exterior of your house. Using color cards to see if a certain shade looks well on your front door is a good idea so you don’t make the mistake of painting your door the wrong color.

2) Remove everything on the door (including the knobs)

Before painting your door, you need to remove any nails, hangings and even the door knobs from your door so that you get an even surface to paint on. Although it is possible to paint around things and just to cover them with tape, but the fewer curves a brush takes, the better your results will be.

3) Always apply primer first

Applying primer prior to a paint job is extremely important because it helps the paint run smooth without leaving any blots, as uneven paint on the front door of your house will look quite unappealing. Using primer, therefore, is a must.

4) Start with the corners

Painting the center of the door is easy, but you need to be quite accurate with your strokes when painting the corners. This is why we suggest you start with the corners since your brush will not be completely covered with paint and this will help you in painting the corners more neatly.

5) Give extra attention to details

If your door has carvings, then you need to cover them with tape when painting the main section of the door to avoid filling them with paint. Then, once you are done painting the larger section of the door, carefully remove paint and start painting inside the carving with a narrow brush.

6) Use premium paints for your door

Ordinary paints may be more affordable, but they rarely have a good finishing and they tend to wear off faster. Doors are high maintenance anyway, since they get affected by external factors like smoke or pollution in the air, or weather conditions, and regular paint may not last as long as premium paint does. Painting your door is a lot of work – you might as well have the results last as long as possible.

7) Allow the paint to dry before reattaching the door knobs

This is obvious, isn’t it? Make sure the paint has completely dried of before you re-attach the door knobs so you don’t ruin the paint.

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