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February 21, 2017
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Never Paint Your Own Ceilings


As a Brooklyn home or condo owner, you probably wonder where the line is between DIY and calling someone in. While we can’t answer that for every person in every type of situation, we can pretty boldly say that most homeowners will not enjoy the process of painting their own ceilings.

Like Painting Walls, But Far More Difficult

The thing about painting a ceiling with the tried-and-true DIY tools (brush and roller) is that painting a ceiling is much more strenuous than a wall is. The reason that Michelangelo’s work on the Sistine Chapel is one of the most famous works of art in the world is precisely because it was painted on the ceiling; even in the ancient world, people knew it was far more difficult to paint a ceiling than a wall or canvas. Here is why you should call a professional painting for any project involving a ceiling:

It’s Not Worth Your Time

Plain and simple, you have better things to do. While painting the walls of your soon-to-be nursery in pastel colors is an endearing and memorable moment you can cherish forever, painting a ceiling (even in the same nursery) is likely to be something you’ll only look back on as a hard-learned lesson. Painting a couple of walls can take a couple of weekend afternoons, but painting your ceiling will likely be an exhausting all-day affair that leaves you drained and dreading Monday morning far more than usual.

Ceiling Paint is Forever

While there are instances when ceilings are repainted, it is much more likely that you’ll want to change out your wall colors numerous times before changing your ceiling. After all, nearly every ceiling in America is white – so much so, in fact, that stores sell specialized, long-lasting white paint made specifically for ceilings – meaning that you absolutely don’t want to have any blemishes or scuffs on your ceiling’s paint. By bringing in a professional painter for your ceilings, you will likely never have to repaint them during the entire time you live in your home.

It’s Seriously Hard

Have you ever been “I didn’t know I had these muscles” sore? Well, painting a ceiling can easily get you to that place. You’ll spend hours looking upward, pushing from awkward angles, stumbling into and over your paint cans, and generally working a paint-laden brush or roller above your head; all of this adds up to a sore, aching body that just wants to throw in the towel after the primer goes up. If you ever do attempt to paint a ceiling or two in your home, you’ll develop an all-new respect for Michelangelo’s masterpiece that so many of us share.

Protect Your Possessions

The ceiling is at the top of the room, meaning that any drips, flicks, or slips are going to end up right where they don’t belong. You’ll have to thoroughly protect anything you even remotely want to keep in that room, including flooring, furniture, walls, windows, etc. Protecting these things means more prep work and less ability to stop when (halfway through) you realize you really don’t want to paint your ceiling anymore; now, you’re left with a covered room and a short-notice need for a local painter – yikes.

Start Off Right

Painting is hard enough without the added stress and effort associated with ceiling paint, which is why it is always worthwhile to call the professional painters at Steven’s Perfect Paint for your Brooklyn home. Our experienced painters can quickly and easily get your ceilings looking amazing, giving you back the energy, time, and anxiety you’d have wasted on a crummy DIY project.

Don’t wait, call today to find out our Brooklyn painters’ openings!

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