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July 12, 2016
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August 10, 2016

One of the more difficult aspects of choosing paint colors for your Brooklyn home is deciding whether to follow current trends, trust your gut, or to think out of the box completely. However, while some may dismiss it as a ‘safe’ choice, there are a number of colors and shades that continue to remain timeless. Whether they are beloved for their classic look or their staying power, timeless colors are a smart choice, especially in the Brooklyn residential market where real estate prices are becoming astronomical. Below you’ll find a number of timeless color options that would be great choices the next time you decide to hire professional painters to give your home a painting makeover.

  • Royal Blue: As classic as colors come, the soothing richness of royal blue adds great vibrancy to any room, especially those with great natural lighting.
  • Taupe: Smokey, light browns work wonders with natural materials and hardwood floors, and taupe is a classic neutral that’s perfect for adding depth to interior walls.
  • Periwinkle Blue: Light blues produce beautiful, cooling variations in color depending on the time of day and the amount of sunlight they receive, ranging from gray to lavender.
  • White: While off-white variants have been the rage recently, white consistently looks great especially when used as interior trim.
  • Light Yellow: Nearly every color of furniture looks great against a pale yellow, and it’s a classic color that has been used for interior house painting for centuries.


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