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March 24, 2016
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June 7, 2016

Tips for the Perfect paint job: The Bathroom


There are certain things that you always have to do when doing a paint job (or when getting it done by a contractor). The basic principles to painting remain the same; however, the different rooms of your house can have specific requirements that have to be taken care of when you are painting them.

Painting the bathroom is a more complicated process than painting, say, the door. The wetness and the humidity in the bathroom can make it difficult to get the perfect paint job done, and if there are any structural faults in the bathroom, there are chances painting over them will only make your bathroom look untidy.
Because of years of experience in the field, professional painters know how to do a paint job in bathrooms that make it look attractive without making any errors amateurs can possibly make. Here are some tips you should use to paint your bathroom the right way:

1. Use Durable Paint
Bathrooms are subjected to many temperature changes such as steam from hot water, cool air coming in from the windows or air conditioners in the room etc. If you use ordinary wall paint for the bathroom, it will scrape out of the walls, or absorb the moisture and bloat, which looks quite ugly. Therefore, when painting the bathroom, it is recommended that you use premium glossy paint for your bathroom so that it does not get affected by moisture.

2. Check for Ventilation
Bathrooms can be humid and stuffy sometimes. A lack of proper ventilation may not allow the paint to dry properly and humidity in the bathroom may even affect the quality of the end job. Therefore, you need to open the windows of the bathroom and maybe turn on a fan in the room outside the bathroom so there is plenty of air circulation so the quality of your paint job isn’t compromised.

3. Use Fine Brushes for the corners
Paint rollers may work for the walls of bedroom and the living room, but the surface of the bathroom walls may be different from the walls of the rest of the house and this is why rollers don’t always work when painting bathrooms.
However, the painter needs to be more careful when painting the corners and the edges of the window frames, or the area around door hinges as it is more difficult to paint neatly around these areas. To ensure you get a neat job done, you should use a fine brush to paint around the corners and other such areas in your bathroom

4. Choose Lighter colors to reflect maximum light
Nobody likes small and dark bathrooms. In order to make sure that your bathroom looks spacious and brighter after the paint job is done, you should choose light colors when deciding on colors for your bathroom as they allow more light to enter which makes your bathroom look better.

Painting your bathroom is a great way to make it feel more relaxing, or to hide any structural mistakes in your bathroom. In order to avoid any paint related disasters as a result of DIY paint jobs, it is a good idea to get advice from professional painters before you begin.

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