Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Paint Job
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March 23, 2015
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November 5, 2015

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

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Anything worth doing is worth doing well. When you put in a lot of time, effort and money on painting your room, it is worth doing it as well as possible. Painting on your own can be tricky but also exciting (and sometimes exhausting) at the same time. Here are the top five tricks that all good painters follow that you need to know so that the next time you are able to do a paint job like a pro:

1.     Invest In Premium Paint

Premium paints cost more for a reason. They have better finishing and spread more evenly on the wall. You may think ordinary paint works just as well, but that’s only till its wet. The paint may crack or show blots that you didn’t notice when the wall was wet. All this is quite discouraging after a long day’s hard work, so it’s best to use good quality paint so you get the best finishing possible.

2.     Avoid Brush Marks

Avoid Brush MarksBrush marks are annoying and can be prevented by mixing a paint extender or conditioner in your paint bucket. This will prevent the paint from looking thicker in the areas of the wall where two or more strokes were used.

Another way to avoid brush marks is to tape sections of the wall and paint each section individually. This makes your paint job easier and more organized. After the major sections have dried up, paint the areas that were previously covered by tape with a smaller brush for extra precision.

3.     Clean up before Painting

Clean up before PaintingIf there are any oil marks, crayon drawings, or something stuck on your wall, then you need to clean them up before you paint them to get the perfect paint finish. Use your regular household cleaners to clean your walls, so that any excess paint, dust marks etc. could be removed. For kitchen walls that have oil or grease stains on them, use a degreaser to clean them up.

Remove any wall papers, posters, paintings, or decorations that you have on your wall to avoid getting paint on them.

4.     Tape or Scrape?

Taping everywhere to protect tiles and windows takes too long and can increase the overall cost of your paint job. Some people put up tape everywhere, from light switches to window frames. But that is just a waste of time (and tape). It is easier to simply let paint get on your switchboards or windows and simply scrape them off later.

You do, however, need to tape the ends of the walls to protect your floor tiles.

5.     Protect Your Floor with Canvas Cloth

Covering your floor with bed sheets or newspapers to keep the paint from getting on the floor isn’t very helpful as paint is thick and it just flows through them. Covering your floor with canvas cloth is a good solution to this problem so you won’t have to clean the floor after you are done with the paint job!

A good paint job makes cleaning up easier and gives you satisfaction. After all, the (newly painted) wall isn’t going to go anywhere, and you would want to be proud of your effort each time you look at it!

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