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December 7, 2016
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December 14, 2016

Wall Texture & House Painting: Drywall Finishing Levels

dreamstime_xxl_13235520While the titles of this blog series may seem intimidating, the expert Brooklyn and Manhattan house painters at Steven’s Perfect Paint will be discussing how drywall finishing and wall texture plays into your wall’s appearance, first by explaining the levels of drywall finishing and subsequently by highlighting optimal colors and best practices involved with painting various wall textures. Today, we’ll be discussing the former: Drywall finishing levels and their subsequent wall textures.

Knowing Your Wall’s Texture

Why Texture Matters

Drywall finishing comes in 5 stages, plus the 0 stage, which essentially represents “none;” while this may seem to have little to do with house painting, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The stage your home’s drywall is finished at will, along with house painting, determine how your home will look. If you’ve ever seen walls that are completely flat, orange peel textured, or even “popcorned,” you can guess that those represent completely different levels of drywall finishing. Higher numbers of drywall finishing represent a smoother potential finish, more laborious and skilled finishing, and, ultimately, higher cost.

Levels 0-2

In stages 0, 1, and 2 are all unsuitable for interior home walls, and instead are utilized as rough-in construction or in unused spaces, such as attics or crawlspaces. These stages represent little-to-no blemish correction from the drywall installation, basic taping, and no “mud” (as drywall paint and finish is often called) applied. These levels are unsuitable for house painting, and thus are of little consequence.

Level 3

Level 3 drywall is where house painting can begin, as this finish includes mudding, installation full edge taping, and mud finish. This level is unsuitable for flat walls of any type, meaning that the wall will need to be finished at a high level of texture in order to hide the blemishes, tape, and hole coverings that were done by the rudimentary mud. Level 3 is the most affordable option for drywall installation, as it can be done quickly and easily by any drywall installer, but will likely need to remain textured indefinitely to mask drywall blemishes.

Level 4

In addition to the finishes performed in level 3, level 4 drywall finishing incorporates additional coats of mud that allow for a much smoother finish. After the mud is applied, a coat of primer is applied to achieve the desired texture, which could range from heavily textured to near-flat, which is something like an orange peel. Flat or light final painting textures are both an option for this type of wall, which opens up far more great looking colors. level 4 walls are incredibly common, as they can finished at nearly smooth for far less cost than level 5, making them a favored choice for the initial construction of many Brooklyn and Manhattan homes.

Level 5

The pinnacle of drywall finishing is, undoubtedly, level 5; in addition to the steps taken in level 4, the drywall must be allowed time to cure before applying a skim coat to completely smooth out the wall before finally applying the primer. This extra step greatly increases the price, as your drywall crew will now likely need to take multiple days to finish the job, regardless of size. The increase in cost does grant access to the currently coveted completely smooth wall, which can feature any texture or type of paint without the fear of drywall blemishes leaving their mark on the finished product.

Choose House Painting Carefully

Once you know and understand how drywall finishing comes into account, the next steps are to select the level of finish that will allow for the wall texture you’re looking for and to partner with a house painting company that can live up to that vision. Whether you’re repainting walls that were finished long ago or embarking on a brand new Manhattan or Brooklyn house painting project, the expert painters at Steven’s Perfect Paint are the right choice for the job. We have the experience necessary to confidently walk you through your wall’s options for color and texture and then deliver that image perfectly.

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