House Painting Brooklyn: Using Color 3, Black
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September 12, 2016
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October 3, 2016

When to Use Colors, Part 3: Black

In our previous blogs, we went over two very difficult-to-use house painting colors: Red and orange. These colors both carry unique and intense issues, causing many homeowners to avoid them completely or lament over their misuse. Neither of these, however, hold a candle to the difficulty of use or potential for misuse on the most powerful paint color available: Black.

Why Black is Almost Never Used

Black is the most powerful color, there is no doubt, and is so incredibly easy to overuse or abuse. If you’ve ever heard someone characterize colors into “warm” or “cool,” basically meaning that colors are either exciting (warm) or calming (cool) and are often used in balance, then it is worth noting that black is considered very warm, requiring immediate balance from a large amount of cool colors. Black has an intense effect on a room, and requires a large amount of foresight to avoid completely overshadowing other colors.

Play to Warm Strengths

Understanding the potential strengths of black requires us to first examine its innate weaknesses.

In spite of being a dark color, duller, darker colors (often in conjunction with white) actually pair well with black, and provide excellent layers of contrast. Working with black opens up avenues for using colors that would otherwise be far too dark or bright to shine, such as bright greens or even coral and pink colors. Regardless of how you choose to pair your colors, be sure to only use black in well-lit rooms, on ceilings, or in kitchens with plenty of cool colors to dial it back. Be prepared to pick furnitures against the color of house’s painting if you go down this rabbit hole.

Call Brooklyn’s Pros

If you are bold enough to take on a black house painting project, be sure to contact our experienced painters. We have the experience necessary to steer you through the many shades and hues available with this intense color. Black may be a potential hazard, but it makes a statement in which no other color comes close, and we can’t help but respect that.

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