House Painting Brooklyn: Using Colors 4, White
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September 21, 2016
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November 8, 2016

When to Use Colors, Part 4: White

In our previous blogs, we discussed the struggles associated withusing challenging-to-place colors in your house painting projects. Today, we’ll discuss the opposite problem altogether by diving headlong into the most commonly used, and by far overused, color: White. Although it may come as a shock, white is not the match-all color we believe it to be.

White Needs Help

The case could be made that no color is able to stand alone, yet rooms and entire homes across the country feature 4 white walls, a white ceiling, white doors, white trim, and even white furniture and cabinetry. By overusing the color, you can literally white-out your rooms, creating a lack of definition, interest, and visual appeal. Think of white as a blank canvas, it needs color to make it effective. An all white room can work, but will require carefully thought out finishes, furniture, and wall decoration. White house painting also has a sterilizing effect in interior rooms, but too much white can make your rooms appear too sterile, almost hospital-like.

Where We Love White

We love white most in rooms that lack natural light, as white makes spaces feel larger and brighter than they actually are. In reality, to some degree, white is appropriate for any room in your home, be it balancing out a powerful color as an accent wall, only on the ceiling, or even just found on trim or crown molding. White helps to define other colors, just as other colors help to define white. If you are ever worried about overusing white, consider instead using a very faint grey, or a highly whitened or lightened neutral color for a similar, but more interesting, effect. Remember the classic exterior house painting look: White house, black shutters; let this serve as a guide, as an all white house is just plain, but adding in even a little accentuating color makes for a timeless look.

Brooklyn’s House Painting

Get in touch with Steven’s Perfect Painting for all of your Brooklyn house painting needs, be it interior or exterior. Our house painters have the experience necessary to ensure that your home looks even better than you’re imagining. Get in touch with us today to get started, and be sure to check out the previous blogs in our When to Use Colors series below.

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